A Brief About The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

After asking people around me and doing a small research about human rights I realized that people who know about human rights are very few. They know it exists but they do not know its history or what it is simply about. It is very necessary that every single human being knows about his rights. Otherwise, one would not know when these rights are taken away and would not know what to do when oppressed. 

In the 20th century there were some individual declarations, organizations and documents that protected people’s right, however, some races, genders, ethnicities and certain religious and economic groups were excluded. The need of a broader, fairer declaration increased over time, especially after World War II when over six million Jews, many gypsies, other races and other groups of people were killed and tortured for no reason. The only good result that the world benefitted from the Second World War experience is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights-UDHD. This declaration is adopted by the United Nation General Assembly on December 10, 1948 and it establishes the fundamental human rights to be universally protected for the first time. UDHD has 30 articles that state the basic human rights and protects all humans with no discrimination for any reason or under any circumstances.

The declaration was first signed by 48 countries in Paris on December 10, 1948 and eight countries abstained. Some countries did not sign the declaration yet have their own constitutions that support human rights; however, most of these rights are violated. There are also some countries that ratified the declaration but violation still exists sometimes secretively. Despite the fact that human rights violations still exist in some countries, UDHD, Human Rights Watch and other United Nations organization made a huge change in the world. Rights are protected in many countries and punishments and political pressure are forced on these countries that violate these rights.

UDHD is optional and not forced on countries, which might be the top reason why these countries keep violating. One hand cannot clap; the United Nations cannot do everything by itself. We are responsible about knowing our rights and therefore fight for our rights with or without the help of the United Nations and Human Rights Watch. The change starts from us, free individuals who seek to live in a better world and we absolutely can achieve that hand by hand. If human rights are being violated where you live, speak up.

For more about the story of human rights, click on the following link.


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