Change The World

Examples of people who made the world a better place made the phrase “Change The World” a popular one. It used to be a really meaningful phrase that motivated even more people to make the world a better place. However, because of its overuse, especially in the wrong context, that phrase or idea started to lose its original effect that it became such a cliché.

I was driving one day and listening to the radio, I heard an advertisement that said “Change Your Apartment, Change the World”. I was wondering while I was stuck on the I-405, how can I change the world by changing my apartment! Maybe that company donates part of its profit to charity or something. I was very curious to know more about it so once I got home I googled it, I found that it was an advertisement about the new website of Until today, I have no idea how will give me an opportunity to change the world by changing my apartment. I saw the same advertisement at Pieology, encouraging us to “Eat (or have) a pizza, change the world.” As usual, I was curios to know more about it so I googled it to find this on their website “We believe pizza brings out the best in us, which is why we’re setting it free. After all, you can’t slap limits on creativity or inspiration and still expect to change the world”.

Yes, eating pizza will definitely change the world, it will make it fatter. Do you see why it became such a cliché?

Watch Netflix, Change the World!

Buy a Chair, Change the World!

Take a Shower, Change the World!

Kill Yourself, Change the World!

Okay, enough. It is irritating though, isn’t it? Let’s talk about how can we make a REAL change in the world in one simple step, but before that I will talk about how it all starts and how it ends up like for most people.

When we were kids our dreams ranged from building tall skyscrapers to becoming doctors, teachers or just becoming “like dad!” or mom. Some of us were more hopeful and positive and probably watched a lot of superheroes cartoons and movies and wanted to somehow Change the World. That idea starts to fade away as we grow up. Reality hits us hard and we realize that it is harder than what we thought. We become adults and we get so busy with our own lives, the most important things become finding a job and making a living. There is nothing wrong with that, however, what is wrong is getting a job that you do NOT like. This does not only affect you, but also the people around you.

To make the long story short, YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD SIMPLY BY LOVING YOUR JOB. Einstein changed the world because he loved what he did. The same thing goes for all the great people who changed the world, they simply loved what they did. You do not have to be rich, to be a scientist, to own a big nonprofit organization, to be extremely smart or go to Africa to change the world. You can change one person’s life at a time; you can change the world in their eyes, make them more positive, and they will make more positive impacts around them. It is a chain reaction. Here, I will mention the people (their initials only for privacy purposes) who changed my world and enabled me to continue the positive chain reaction.

C.S., an administrative support coordinator in the Disability Resources and Educational Services at California State University Northridge. She is an amazing woman full of wisdom. She is that person that everybody loves! Whenever I needed an advice, I would go to her. Her advices are so valuable that I still remember every single one of them despite my bad memory. Whenever I needed an opinion and guidance, she guided me to the right direction.

W.Y., an instructor in the RTM department at California State University Northridge. She is a happy butterfly that spreads love, peace and positivity everywhere she goes. She taught us how to be real leaders. Taking her class made us all better people. I wish all of my professors were like her.

V.M., my academic advisor at Kuwait Cultural Office Los Angeles. She has been my academic advisor for five years. Whenever a student needs her, she is always there. She answers the phone really quickly, she emails back within 24 hours, whenever she is out of the office she lets us know by email and has another advisor takes care of our academic issues. She never gives wrong information. She supports her students in everyway possible. M.G, who is not my academic advisor but I’ve known her through V.M., is also an amazing and creative person. She is the one who prepares the newsletter with her fellow Ms. B.C at Kuwait Cultural Office Los Angeles.

B.H. and L.N., indoor cycling instructors at BeatBike. In my opinion, they’re the best cycling instructors EVER. L.N. is the reason why I got back to my healthy lifestyle after I got an episode of muscle degradation that resulted from my autoimmune disease. She is full of respect and confidence, she introduces herself to every new member in the class and makes sure that everyone is doing great. She corrects our poses and guides us throughout the entire workout. B.H. motivates me like no one else. She keeps checking that our bikes are well installed and safe the entire time. She is extremely kind and friendly. I used to try to take afternoon classes at school so that I could attend their cycling classes.

Dr. S.N., my primary care physician, and Dr. S.C., my rheumatologist at UCLA hospital. I am very lucky to have them as my physicians. They are very nice and caring. My questions and concerns never bothered them. They always call me personally to explain to me what I have to do or tell me about the test results despite their busy schedules in a such big hospital where most doctors just tell the nurse or the front desk to deliver the message.

M.F., a Pilates instructor at YogaWorks. I go to her classes not only to strengthen my core and get a six-pack but also to fill my soul up with positive vibes. She is the most positive person I’ve ever met in my whole life. She comes at 8:00 am with a big smile and tells you how happy she is to teach you. She is very grateful for the people who attend her class and she mentions that before each Namaste.

D.F., a nutrition instructor at California State University Northridge. She is one of the best professors in the Health Sciences department. She changed a lot of student’s lives by teaching this course. She always welcomes students to ask questions and she is always willing to help. She doesn’t only teach what is in the textbook but also takes the time and teaches the students very valuable information about nutrition and diet that everybody needs to know nowadays. I believe that there is no one student does not like her.

Finally, Dr. V.V., a biology professor at California State University Northridge. She never taught me a class but I went to her one day and I introduced my research idea to her. A few years ago, I asked a couple of professors to join their labs but I was rejected because their labs were too packed and they were just not accepting new students no matter how determined the students were. She loved my research hypothesis, she was happy that I was one of the very few undergraduate students who can come up with their own project and plan. She believed in me and had me join her lab right away. I am not going to disclose the details of the research here but it is promising and I can not wait to finish it. Without Dr. V.V. and her help and guidance, I would not have been able to believe that I could do it.

I can go on with the list but it will get boring if I do so I’ll stop here. Those people I mentioned above all have similar things in common; they’re positive, they’re kind and they make people’s lives easier. All of that because they’re not only doing their jobs; they’re doing their jobs with love. They made a difference in one way or another; they made me a better person, a positive person, they made my life easier, they inspired me. They changed my world by loving their jobs, and I will change someone’s world by loving mine.

For all the amazing, positive, kind people out there.. Thank you!

Note: If you hate your job, please do us all a favor and quit, you’re only making people miserable just like you. For now, have a slice of pizza from Pieology or change your apartment.

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