Who I am?

Khadeja Alrefaie. For credibility purposes, I am a genetic engineer and a current teaching assistant, a researcher and a medical school applicant. Science and medicine are my things, but I also have a life. I love cycling, Pilates, writing, munching on cookies and charity work.


Since When?

I became a useful and an active participant in the society about six years ago; the cookie munching started a while back though!



Los Angeles, California, USA.


What is my blog about?

It’s going to be random! Like myself. I’m passionate about science, politics, history, poetry, books, articles reviews and health. I will also be sharing various personal experiences about love, positivity, charity and several other random goodies.



To leave a positive mark in your heart and/or brain. If I ever made you smile, all I ask from you is to pray for my parents. May their hearts and yours be filled with love and peace.